Submit your manuscript

CALL FOR PAPERS: The National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) is pleased to invite writers to submit their papers for The Saharan journal. We accept manuscripts related to culture and development in Africa.


The National Institute for African Studies (NIAS) readers are intelligent individuals with a wide range of interests. They are not necessarily specialists in the subjects related to culture and development in Africa (though many are). Our readers want to be inspired by smart, fresh takes on the African affairs and rigorous analysis presented in clear, accessible prose.

Please submit a manuscript either for our NIAS’s blog or our peer-reviewed journal.

    • For the blog, your manuscript should be between 500-1,000 words in length.
    • The Saharan journal contains articles between 4,000-8,000 words.

The ideal article should:

    • Spark a debate among specialists.
    • Engage and inform a general interest reader.
    • Be driven by data and original reportage.

Before you send us your manuscript, keep a few things in mind:

    • Read our content on the NIAS’s website to get a sense of what we like and the easiest way to avoid sending us something irrelevant or outdated.
    • Avoid the obvious. Make your articles interesting, by finding a niche instead of writing on a generic subject, e.g. “Culture and Development in Africa” or “Internal Affairs in the African Union” are too broad.
    • Exclude wonky, technical language and make your article accessible to the widest possible audience.
    • Provide original research or reporting to support your ideas. Be prepared to document what you say. NIAS fact-checks everything we publish.

Submit your article that includes your name and email address below. Should you have any queries please contact