The Saharan is a new interdisciplinary journal aimed at exploring the dynamic relationship between culture and development in Africa. Development is a multi-dimensional process focused to change the structures, attitudes, and institutions to accelerate economic growth, reduce inequality and eradicate absolute poverty. While cultural dimensions of a society play a nominal role to shape the development processes, those are frequently neglected due to various political and economic reasons. This journal seeks to revitalize applied cultural studies to answer the following questions: How cultural diversity affects what people do and want? How cultural factors interact with other variables of the development processes? And how culture itself is affected by various dynamics of development on the international scale?

The Saharan aims to fulfill the need for academic writing that meets rigorous criteria of editorial filtering in terms of originality, vision, impact, structure, and style. The reviewing process is overseen by the editors of the journal, and is subject to a strict qualitative assessment that meets the approval of the editorial board, and fulfills the submission guidelines. The editorial and advisory board are made up of high-ranking academics, scholars and specialized practitioners with a wealth of experience in academic work on Africa and elsewhere.

The Saharan seeks to engage outstanding authors, academics, artists and all other pertinent contributors to African dominion. Ultimately, the journal is committed to fostering a nonpartisan venue that challenges established views and perceptions of Africa whilst promoting flawless frameworks for representation and interpretation.


Dele Bello-Williams


Iulia Pepel

Andrej Sagaidak


National Institute for African Studies (NIAS)

The Saharan (Print) – ISSN 2631-3456

The Saharan (Online) – ISSN 2631-3464


Prof Rajkumar Singh
Mandal University, India

Prof Derek Charles Catsam
University Of Texas, US

Dr Jephias Gwamuri
National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Zimbabwe

Dr Beniamino Polimeni
De Montfort University, UK

Dr Mohammad Nurunnabi
Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Dr Jamila Rodrigues
University of Roehampton, UK

Claire Wilby
Wilby Advisory, UK

Shaka Yesufu
National Traffic Police Academy, South Africa